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Questions ?

  • Can ALKANTIS be preapared in advance ?
    Yes, it is recommended that ALKANTIS should be activated and frozen at the beginning of the day, in sufficient numbers to service the department for that day (minimum 3/D/patient), and staff should help themselves from the freezer as and when they are needed.
  • How long can ALKANTIS be kept after activation ?
    After activation, ALKANTIS must be kept in the freezer. ALKANTIS can be stored for 1 year under stable temperature conditions is the peelable cover is kept intact.
  • How should ALKANTIS be used ?
    See instructions for use. For greater efficacy, the indication is to keep ALKANTIS applied with slight pressure onto the area to be treated.
  • How long should ALKANTIS be applied for optimum efficacy ?
    Refer to the advice of the surgeon or the physician.Certain surgical acts require almost constant application of cold for 3 to 5 days (orthopedic, general surgery, etc.) at least 3 times per day. Others, especially in Traumatology (sprains, etc.) should receive Sustained Intermittent Cryotherapy, i.e.: 20 mins of cold (then removed for 10 mins), apply for 10 mins (then remove for 10 mins) and finally apply for 10 mins, 3 to 5 times per day over 3 days.
  • Can ALKANTIS be reused ?
    No, danger! It is a single-use, disposable sterile medical device.
  • Can ALKANTIS be used in the operating room ?
    Yes, it is a single-use sterile medical device that allows the medical practitioner to use cold straightaway.
  • Where can ALKANTIS be ordered from ?
    Directly by dialing the +33 800 008 758.
  •  Does ALKANTIS represent an additional expense to our establishment or to our department ?
    No, the use of ALKANTIS always financial savings of around 30% to be achieved compared with the cost of using an ice pack. (Cf economic note, heading economic assessment)
  • Is ALKANTIS a world first ?
    ALKANTIS is the only single-use sterile medical device (combating nosocomial infections), that delivers a dry cold (wounds, dressings, sheets, etc.), compressible (easy to strap on), ergonomic and effective between 41 and 53,6°F for more than 3 hours.
  • How is ALKANTIS recycled after use ?
    After use, ALKANTIS is incinerated (2% ash)
  • What is the expiry date of ALKANTIS ?
    The expiry date of ALKANTIS is 24 months before it is activated and frozen, and 12 months if it is activated and stored in the freezer under stable temperature conditions is the peelable cover remains intact.
  • What happens if, once ALKANTIS is activated, it is torn or cut ?
    ALKANTIS must be disposed of and replaced.  However, if the technopolymer contained in the compress is released from the tube compartments, there is no risk. This technopolymer is non-toxic.
  • Can ALKANTIS be used if the peelable cover is damaged ? No, ALKANTIS must be disposed of in the event the packaging is damaged. ALKANTIS will no longer be sterile.
  • Can ALKANTIS be stored in the freezer before activating the water pouch ?
    No, ALKANTIS must not be stored in the freezer before activating the water pouch. It is not possible to activate AlLKANTIS if the water pouch is frozen.
  • Why does ALKANTIS come with airtight packaging ?
    Airtight packaging of the compress ensures that ALKANTIS remains sterile. If the ALKANTIS packaging is no longer airtight, the compress must be disposed of, ALKANTIS is no longer sterile.
  • What should be done if water is released from the packaging when ALKANTIS is activated ?
    If water is released from the closed packaging when ALKANTIS is activated (step 1 of the instructions for use), ALKANTIS must be disposed of. ALKANTIS will no longer be sterile.